Hotels in Lagos Review: Best and Most Affordable Hotels Available

Sheraton Hotel Ikeja

Whatever the purpose for coming to Lagos, visitors shouldn’t miss the opportunity to stay in some of the best hotels in Lagos. There are hordes of them waiting for guests to explore. Each one has something unique to offer. Guests can also find something that suits their budget.

Lagos is one of the places in Nigeria that gives visitors a true feel of the country. So if one wants to experience Nigeria in its local form, one has to book a room in one of the hotels in Lagos.

Therefore, this guide will discuss some of the best hotels in Lagos and their service packages. So, before booking that room, read this in-depth review of the hotel and be aware of what the hotel has in store.

Overview of Lagos


Tinubu Square Lagos
Tinubu Square, Lagos | Source:

Lagos is a vibrant and bustling city in the southwest of Nigeria. It is the most populous city in the country and the seventh-largest city in the world, with an estimated population of over 14 million people.

Lagos is a city rich in history and culture. It is notable for being the business, entertainment, and tourism hub. The city is popular for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culinary scenes. Tourists can visit landmarks like the National Museum, Freedom Park, or Lekki Conservation Centre.

It should also be noted that Lagos is home to the famous Lagos Fashion Week, showcasing the best African fashion. So if one wants to see the best of West Africa, the best bet is to stay in Lagos. 

One of the unique features of Lagos is its bustling markets. The city is famous for its street markets, which offer various products from textiles to electronics and everything in between. Balogun, Idumota, and Alaba International are the most popular markets in Lagos. The city is an important destination for investment and tourism in Africa. One can also find some of the best resorts in Lagos, Nigeria. 

The state is also popular for its wide spread of restaurants that prepare local and international cuisines. They include Chicken Republic, Cilantro, Yellow Chilli, Noir Restaurant, and Z Kitchen.

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How Many Hotels Are in Lagos?

There are over 2000 hotels in Lagos, with the majority of them clustered in the suburban areas. There is always something unique visitors enjoy whenever they visit. 

One of the most popular hotel areas is Lagos Island, the top high-brow area in the city.  This is where you find several 5-star hotels and the residences of politicians, business moguls, and socialites.

Lagos Island has a beautiful and organized layout that makes it a reserve for the wealthy. Lekki, Eko Atlantic City, Banana Island, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island are some popular places on the Island.


Lagos Island Street
Lagos Island | Source:

Visitors can also find multiple places to relax with Hotels in Ikeja. Ikeja happens to be the state capital of Lagos. This is the seat of power in Lagos.

There are several nice hotels located on the mainland part of Lagos. These are Ikorodu, Surulere, and Yaba. These hotels are easy ways to get the true Lagos experience.

Overview of the Different Grades of Hotels in Lagos

One fine thing about Lagos is that there is always something for your budget. Lagos has different grades of hotels, depending on what visitors can afford. Hotels on the island are at higher costs than the ones on the mainland.

Prices of the 2-star hotels on the mainland start from ₦8,000 per night. The price of 3-star hotels ranges from ₦15,000 to ₦50,000 per night. For 4 and 5-star hotels (mainly found on the island), the prices vary from ₦50,000 to as much as ₦900,000 for a night.

5 Best Hotels in Lagos

There are many hotels spread across the length and breadth of Lagos, but there are the five (5) best hotels in Lagos.

1. Eko Hotel and Suites

Eko Hotel and Suites
Eko Hotel and Suites | Source:

Eko Hotel and Suites stands tall at Plot 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos. It is arguably the best hotel in Lagos and is also touted as the “hotel of the big man” in Lagos. A visit to this 5-star hotel is the start of a tour into the massive wealth that Lagos sits on. This hotel is the top choice for socialites, politicians, and business moguls.

A standard room in Eko Hotel and Suites starts at ₦75,000 per night, and the Presidential suite, which is the most expensive, goes for ₦350,000 per night. Therefore, the price of the rooms varies with the type of room being booked, the season of visit, and the number of visitors making a booking together.

Eko Hotel is only a few minutes from Kuramo Beach, where the Gulf of Guinea begins. Also, the Nigerian National Museum is about 6 kilometers from Eko Hotel, and the popular Murtala Muhammed International Airport is around 30 Kilometers away.

Rooms in the Eko Hotel come with picture-perfect balconies that overlook the beach. The rooms are adequately cross-ventilated with free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, safes for guests’ valuables, Tea/Coffee makers, and beverage refrigerators. 

Due to the caliber of people that stay in Eko Hotel, the food quality is top-notch, with the cooks paying double attention to satisfaction and safety. The hotel has an event/meeting space available. Other amenities available in Eko Hotel are a medical clinic, an art gallery, a bookstore, and several restaurants to cater to the needs of its guests.

2. Lagos Oriental Hotel

Lagos Oriental Hotel
Lagos Oriental Hotel |Source:

Talk about world-class service in the hospitality industry; you might just be referring to Lagos Oriental Hotel. Located in the heart of Victoria Island, the hotel stands tall at 3 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos. With its 133 rooms and nine executive suites, Lagos Oriental is almost always fully booked. 

The cheapest room in Lagos Oriental for one night is ₦110,000, while the most expensive room is the Presidential Suites which is ₦800,000 per night. However, there could be additional costs depending on guests’ service preferences. 

One of the selling points of the Lagos Oriental Hotel is that it overlooks the famous Bar Beach resort in Lagos, Nigeria – the number one beach in Nigeria for local and foreign tourists. The 5-star hotel is only 2 kilometers from the banks of Five Cowries Creek on Lagos Island. It is also about 5 kilometers away from the Nigerian National Museum. 

One service that visitors in Lagos Oriental enjoy is 24/7 room service. So, visitors can ask for room service by 3 a.m., and someone will be at their service. In addition, some of the rooms in the hotel have minibars separated from the living room of the suites. In addition, visitors at Lagos Oriental also enjoy free breakfast and full-service laundry.

3. Moorhouse Hotel

Moorhouse hotel
Moorhouse Hotel | Source:

The Moorhouse Hotel is a luxury hotel that uses exotic African woods to construct its rooms. It has just 90 rooms and is an ideal destination for technocrats, politicians, and socialites. The hotel is at 1 Bankole Oki Street, Ikoyi, 101233, Lagos. 

Due to the small number of rooms, visitors are always advised to book online at least one week before arrival. The prices are also lower when booking online. For example, the standard room in Moorhouse is ₦56,000 online and ₦70,000 at the front desk. The Deluxe room goes for ₦90,000 online but ₦120,000 at the front desk

The hotel is close to interesting sites like the Lekki Market, Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall, National Museum Lagos, Freedom Park, Landmark Beach, Ikoyi Club, Lagos Polo Club, Silverbird Galleria, and Red Door Gallery. All these sites are within 25 kilometers distance from Moorhouse Hotel. 

Some of the rooms in the hotel have terraces, and visitors can enjoy free breakfast in their robes and slippers – as provided by the hotel. The gymnasium in the hotel is a standard one with fitness coaches available to train visitors who are fitness enthusiasts. In addition, there are other services like the outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, and laundry services.

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4. Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Hotel | Source:

Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, is arguably the best hotel on the mainland. The Sheraton hotel chain spreads across not just Nigeria but the world. The Lagos Sheraton Hotel is at  30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, 100001, Ikeja, with 331 rooms.

One would need to book a room at the Sheraton Hotel early. Due to its fame and prestige, the rooms are in hot demand and are quickly booked. The price for one room in Sheraton per night is ₦143,000. But there is a possibility for a price increase during some special season. 

Sheraton Hotel is located at the heart of Ikeja. Popular landmarks around the hotel are the TLS visa application center, Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Gani Fawehinmi Park, Kalakuta Museum, National Museum, Tinubu Square, and Freedom Park. Visitors can also find some of the best pubs closer to the Ikeja Hotel.

Sheraton Hotel delivers world-class service as a culture. The hotel is one of the few 5-star hotels on the mainland with a massive and state-of-the-art event center. It has restaurants that serve Nigerian and Intercontinental cuisines. Visitors can also access free wifi, ATM, and airport shuttle services. 

5. Radisson Hotel

Radisson Hotel
Radisson Hotel | Source:

Radisson Hotel is one of the top hotels in Lagos. It is located at 42 Isaac John Street, Ikeja, Lagos. A visit to the Radisson Hotel is always breathtaking and unforgettable. Lodging in Radisson means lodging in the center of Ikeja GRA, one of the most affluent places on the Lagos Mainland and, by extension, Lagos.

Rooms in the Radisson Hotel start at ₦111,000 and could increase depending on the time of booking. Weekends, holidays, and festive periods cause a hike in the normal prices.  

Some notable landmarks near the hotel include the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja City Mall, and the TLS visa application center. 

Visitors to Radisson Hotel enjoy an outdoor pool with cocktail services, event facilities, free wifi (even for guests in the event halls), and assorted dishes (local and international). Other services available in the hotel are tour and airport shuttle services, a gym, a business center, car rental, and laundry. The service desk is active 24/7, with a spa for visitors needing massages.

How to Book Hotels in Lagos

There are many ways to book a hotel in Lagos. Visitors can book from the hotel’s reception, browse for their contact online, or book via phone. However, one of the best ways to book a hotel in Lagos is by using Google Travel. This is a service by Google for making reservations, organizing itineraries, and planning one’s movement. 

Simply do a Google search and make reservations via Google Travel. It is very easy and swift to use.

Another way to book a hotel in Lagos is to visit the hotel’s website. Follow the instructions there to reserve a room in no time. Alternatively, visitors can use to book their preferred hotel in Lagos.

How to Find Hotels in Lagos Near Me

It is quite easy to find hotels in Lagos, and one such method is using Google Maps. Google provides This service with the tools to enable users to locate hotels near them. The service can also give users directions to the hotel with insights into their costs. is another reliable platform for finding hotels in Lagos. Alternatively, for users’ preferred hotel, they can do a quick Google search for the hotel’s website. All the information needed, including addresses, price ranges, and branches, can be found there.

Hotels in Lagos Map
Hotels in Lagos Near Me | Source: Google Maps

Fun Things to Do While Relaxing in Hotels in Surulere

Below are some of the fun things to do in a hotel in Lagos:

1. Tour Lagos

One of the best things to do while staying in a Lagos hotel is to tour the city. There are many sites of attraction littered around the city to enjoy or learn a thing or two about Lagos and Nigeria. These places include the Lekki Conservation Centre, Nike Center for Arts and Culture, Kalakuta Republic Museum, Epe Mangroves, and New Afrika Shrine.

2. Visit the Beach

There are many beach resorts available for visitors in Lagos. Some popular beaches in Lagos are Landmark Beach, Bar Beach, Elegushi Beach, La Campagne Tropicana, and Tarkwa Bay.

3. Get a Massage

What better way to stretch one’s tired bones and muscles than to get a massage? There are many massage services in Lagos, but Pamper and Fun Massage Services are the best of the pack. They are the leading massage service providers in Lagos. In addition, pamper offers home services and can set those muscles to shape in your hotel room at an affordable price. 

4. Shopping

Lagos is a financial and business hub, so visitors may want to try buying things while staying in Lagos. One can visit various malls, including the Ikeja City Mall, the Palms Shopping Mall, the City Mall Lagos Island, and Mega Plaza. For something more localized, one can try the Alaba International Market, Computer Village, Balogun Market, Ajah Market, and so on.


Hotels in Lagos offer an opportunity to engage properly with Lagos. It is also a means to network. In some of these 5-star hotels, visitors meet many important people in world politics, business, and entertainment. Moreover, staying in a hotel in Lagos offers comfort.

However, it is important to research more about the top hotels to enable potential visitors to decide which is the most preferable to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Buffet at Radisson Hotel Lagos?

Visitors can get the brunch buffet at Radisson Hotel Lagos for 13,000. Kids below 12 can have the buffet for half the price. This buffet is only available on Sundays. 

How Many Rooms are in Sheraton Hotel Lagos?

There are 337 rooms and suites in the Sheraton Hotel Lagos. These rooms are built in a gigantic six-floor building in Ikeja.

What are the Names of Places in Lagos?

There are many places in Lagos. Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Banana Island, Ibeju-Lekki, Eko Atlantic and Epe are on the island. Ikeja, Ikorodu, Mushin, Agege, Alaba, Festac, Ogba, and so on are on the mainland. Towards the outskirts, there is also Badagry. 

Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in Lagos?

There are many cheap places to live in Lagos. One of the cheapest places in Lagos is Makoko Island. In addition, places like Festac, Ogba, Mushin, Agege, and Ikorodu are cheap places to live. These areas are where one can also find cheap hotels in Lagos.

What is the Most Expensive Area in Lagos?

Banana Island is the most expensive area in Lagos as it is home to some affluent individuals. Other expensive areas include Lekki, Victoria Island, Eko Atlantic, and Ikeja GRA.

Who is the Owner of Ibis Hotel in Lagos?

The Ibis Hotel is a franchise under the HDV group, and it is owned by Olufemi Okenla, a UK-accredited Lawyer and a real estate mogul. He opened the hotel in 2013 in Ikeja. 

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