Hotels in Surulere Review: Best and Most Affordable Hotels Available

Hotels in Surulere Review

Hotel rooms have long been a place to escape the daily grind and served as a home away from home. Travelers don’t need to worry about being stranded when hotels are around. There is always a hotel nearby that will offer them the comfort and relaxation needed after a long day away from home.

This article reviews some of the best hotels in Surulere to try out. These hotels boast of the finest services in Lagos, where visitors can get value for their money. The hotels’ comfort and hospitality, room service, food, and relaxation are the reasons they were picked. 

These picks will offer exceptional services for visitors looking to hang out and ease off stress or on an extended business trip.

Overview of Surulere 

Located in the heart of Lagos, Surulere is one of the most popular and active neighborhoods in Lagos. Holding its ground on the mainland, it serves as a link to the island. Surulere is the melting pot of culture, sports, arts, and entertainment. It has a diverse population that includes people from all walks of life.

Masha, Surulere
Masha, Surulere | Source: PropertyPro

The suburb is known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants catering to all budgets and tastes. So, if visitors are looking for where to have fun according to their budget, Surulere is their best bet. It is also home to many shopping centers and markets, making it a popular destination for shoppers. 

The famous festival of art and culture, tagged Festac’ 77, was hosted in 1977 at Surulere. Situated in Surulere are some of the nation’s landmarks. These include the Lagos National Stadium, the Teslim Balogun Stadium, the National Arts Theatre, Nigerian Breweries, Eko Bridge, Afro-spot, and Eric Moore Towers. Choosing to stay in one of the hotels in Surulere allows visitors to visit these landmarks. 

Festac 77
Festac’77 | Source: Contemporary And (C&)

Despite its urban setting, Surulere has managed to maintain a strong sense of community. The area is home to many community centers, schools, and places of worship that serve as gathering places for residents.

How many Hotels are in Surulere?

There are over 100 hotels in Surulere, with the majority of them clustered in suburban areas. Each of them offers something unique to the visitors. One of the most popular hotel areas in Surulere is Adeniran Ogunsanya Street. This is home to several mid-range and budget hotels.

Adeniran Ogunsanya Street
Adeniran Ogunsanya Street | Source: Wemabod

Another popular hotel area in Surulere is Ojuelegba, located near the National Stadium. This area is home to several budget hotels and guesthouses, making it a popular destination for backpackers and budget travelers. 

Several hotels are located along the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, which runs through Surulere. These hotels offer easy access to other parts of Lagos, making them popular for business travelers. Whether visitors are looking for budget accommodations or a more upscale experience, Surulere has something to offer.

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Overview of the Different Grades of Hotels in Surulere

There are different grades of hotels in Surulere depending on visitors’ budgets. The very low-range hotels, also known as 2-star hotels, are usually available at below ₦10,000 per night. 

The 3-star hotels are more pricey than the 2-star, with prices per night ranging from ₦10,000 to ₦25,000. For 4 and 5-star hotels, the prices vary from ₦25,000 to ₦120,000.

5 Best Hotels in Surulere

Below are the top hotels in Surulere for this review.

Rita Lori Hotels

Rita Lori Hotels
Rita Lori Hotel, Surulere | Source:

Located at 1-4 Taoridi Street, Off Babs Animashaun Road, Rita Lori is one of the best hotels in Surulere. The hotel has beautiful scenery that attracts visitors all year long. The outdoor scene of the swimming pool is also breathtaking. It is tastefully designed like the pools in luxury homes, with green flowers adorning two sides of the pool. 

The average price for a night at Rita Lorri Hotels is not off the roof. With only about ₦18,000 to ₦42,000 (depending on visitors’ budget), they can access the tastefully furnished rooms and comfortable king-sized beds. 

Rita Lori Hotel is easily accessible and within walking distance from interesting places like the Leisure Mall, Club 45, Dominos Pizza, Shoprite, and Chicken Republic. It will also take visitors only about 30 minutes to reach the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Ikeja, Lagos. 

Rita Lori boasts of the availability of affordable and budgeted rooms without compromising on quality. The food and drinks served are sumptuous, and guests can access free internet within the premises. For workout enthusiasts, Rita Lori has a modest gym facility. There is also adequate parking space, security, and snooker boards to get them more relaxed.

Eleven11 Hotel

Eleven11 Hotel
Eleven11 Hotel, Surulere |Source:

Very few hotels in Surulere can boast of the brilliant lighting that adores Eleven11 Hotel. So, visitors particular about lighting and general outlook of a hotel would love to stay in. Eleven11 is a 3-star hotel that offers such a great choice. 

To lodge at Eleven11, visitors must budget ₦11,000 to ₦43,000 per night. This depends on the type of room they want and the time of the season. 

The hotel is at 6 Olufemi Road, Surulere, just 1.9 kilometers from the Lagos National Stadium. In addition, the National Art Theatre, the Central Mosque of Lagos, and the Murtala Muhammed International Airport are less than 9 kilometers away. 

Guests at Eleven11 Hotel enjoy big rooms with sizable beds. The rooms have a sitting area, a microwave, and a safety deposit box. Perhaps one of the attractions of Eleven11 is their children-friendly facilities like the children’s playground and family rooms. The hotel offers free private parking, entertainment, and concierge staff to cater to tourists’ needs.

De Rigg Place

De Rigg Place
De Rigg Place, Surulere | Sources:

De Rigg Place might be the smallest hotel on this list. But it has surely earned its place as one of the best hotels in Surulere. The rooms and the compound are a work of art with a swimming pool decorated with fancy lights. This helps quests ease the stress after the day’s work. 

The price range for rooms in De Rigg starts at ₦22,000. This goes higher depending on the kind of room that guests need. The prices also vary depending on the season of visit to the hotel.

De Rigg Place is close to the hub of activities in Surulere. Near the hotel are some tourist attractions. Some include the Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, China towson, Freedom Park, Teslim Balogun Stadium, Bar Beach, Lagos Motor Boat Club, Genesis Cinema, and Maryland Mall.

One of the reasons De Rigg was picked is its beautiful marble bathroom. Continental dishes are served as breakfast from 7 to 10 a.m. Parking spaces, an airport shuttle, a concierge, barbecue grills, and a laundry service are available. Guests can access a free internet connection and have a good time at the pool bar.

Easy Homes Hotel

Easy Homes Hotel
Easy Homes Hotel, Surulere | Source:

This hotel was picked mainly for its security. There is a key card system, a CCTV system, and security guards to ensure guests’ safety. In addition, with 24-hour room service, the staff are at their beck and call whenever guests need them. So, for those who prioritize security, EasyHomes is their go-to. 

At Easy Home, the price of rooms starts from ₦12,000 upwards. The rooms in Easy Homes have categories – deluxe, executive, executive suites, and honeymoon suites. The prices vary depending on the category guests choose. 

Easy Homes Hotel is located at 33 Eric Moore Close, Surulere, boasting an exceptional work culture and staff. Locating the Easy Homes hotel is a walk in the park. However, it is close to popular sites in Surulere like the National Museum, Lagos City Mall, Igbobi College, Teslim Balogun Stadium, University of Lagos. 

Easy Homes Hotel is also children-friendly. Kids below the age of 14 can stay in the hotel without paying. They also have a great cancellation policy. Guests booking fees can be refunded if they cancel three days before arrival. 

Facilities like jacuzzi baths, minibars, king-size beds, restaurants, and luggage storage facilities make EasyHomes a destination of choice.

Ontario Suites

Ontario Suites
Ontario Suites | Source:

Named after the famous Canadian province, the Ontario Hotel is one of the best hotels in Surulere. The hotel serves the best continental food out of the five on this list. Ontario Suites stands tall at 2 Agunlejika Street, Surulere, and attracts many guests due to its spacious rooms and delightful ambiance. 

The rooms in Ontario Suites have categories – the Standard, King, Superior Queen, and Superior King categories. The least-priced room at Ontario Suites, the Standard room, costs ₦12,876 per night. In addition, all the rooms in the hotel have free Wi-Fi that guests can connect to. 

The hotel is only 6.3 km away from the Lagos National Stadium. Also, it is 6 kilometers away from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and 9.3 kilometers from the National Airport. 

Guests at Ontario Suites enjoy a buffet of continental dishes as breakfast. There is a free parking space and a restaurant serving local and intercontinental dishes. The bar is available with a large TV for those who love watching football in groups. Guests can cancel their booking at no cost four days before arrival.

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How to Book Hotels in Surulere

There are many ways to book a hotel in Surulere. Guests can go to the hotel and book from the reception, browse for their contacts online, or book via phone. However, one of the best ways to book a hotel in Surulere is by using Google Travel. This is a service by Google that guests can use to make reservations, organize their itinerary, and plan their movement. They can do a Google search and make reservations via Google Travel. It is very easy and swift to use.

Another way to book a hotel in Surulere is to visit the hotel’s website. Follow the instructions there to reserve a room in no time. Alternatively, guests can use to book their preferred hotel in Surulere.

How to Find Hotels in Surulere Near Me

It is quite easy to find hotels in Surulere if visitors are around that area. One of the mediums to use is Google Maps. This is a service provided by Google that can show visitors hotels near them. The service can also give directions to the hotel with insights into their costs. 


Hotels Near Me Surulere
Hotels Near Me Surulere | Image Source: Google Map is another reliable platform that can point visitors to the hotels around them in Surulere. Alternatively, if visitors know the particular hotel they prefer, they can do a quick Google search for their website. They can find all the necessary information, including addresses, price ranges, and branches.

Fun Things to Do While Relaxing in Hotels in Surulere

There are various activities visitors can do while lodged at the hotels in Surulere:


Swimming is one of the things they can do for fun in hotels in Surulere. Almost all the hotels in Surulere have large swimming pools that can help visitors relax and cool down on a hot day. 


Hotels in Surulere are located in the heart of Lagos. Their visitors will find a lot of local markets where they can buy things at cheap prices. It is said that there is nothing one cannot buy at a market in Surulere. Some exotic shopping options include the Lagos City Mall and the Leisure City Mall. 


Visitors can hang out and eat with friends at Domino’s Pizza, Freedom Park, Bar Beach, Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, and Chicken Republic, among other places. These venues are close to most of the hotels in this review.  


Sports enthusiasts can visit the National Stadium or Teslim Balogun Stadium to watch teams play.

Spa and Massage Treatments

If one’s bones feel tired and weak, one can also get spa and massage treatments while lodged at a hotel in Surulere. Some masseuses like Pamper and Fun even offer home service massages.

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Hotels in Surulere are built for visitors’ comfort with budget-friendliness in mind. There is always something that fits individuals’ budgets in Surulere. All they need to do is look in the right places. The beautiful thing about lodging in hotels in Surulere is that visitors stay in the heart of the state. They can also access other parts of the state easily. Finally, guests can give themselves a treat by visiting any tourist site around the city.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Best Place to Live in Surulere?

Adeniran Ogusanya is one of the best places to live in Surulere. It is a merchant area that has all an individual needs in one place. 

Which District is Surulere?

Surulere is a district under Surulere Local Government Area, Lagos State. You can find both residential and commercial areas in Surulere, making it one of the most bustling parts of Lagos.

What Does Surulere Mean in English?

In English, Surulere means patience is rewarding or profitable. It is a Yoruba word that highlights the importance of patience. 

Is Surulere Rural or Urban?

Surulere is an urban settlement boasting a city-dwelling lifestyle and thriving business that has helped develop the region. It is also a melting point of the rich, middle class, and the poor. 

Where Do the Richest People in Lagos Live?

The richest people in Lagos live in Ikoyi. However, you can also find rich people at Ikeja GRA, Lekki, Victoria Island, and Eko Atlantic.

Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in Lagos?

The cheapest place to live in Lagos is Badagry. Other cheap places like Ojo, Mushin, Ipaja, and Ikorodu, but Badagry is the cheapest. 

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