Massage Therapy: Beginner’s Guide on Spa Massages in Nigeria

Massage Therapy

Regular massages are an effective way to manage physical stress. As adults, we often encounter unavoidable stress, but many people endure it without seeking relief. However, reducing stress can help manage or even prevent many health challenges.

Getting massages is a practical step to alleviate stress from daily activities. Regular spa massages can significantly help people manage stress and lead happier lives.

In this article, we will explore the massage process, its benefits, the different types of massages available, and the advantages of enjoying massages at home.

What Is a Massage?

A massage is the gentle manipulation of the body’s soft tissues, commonly with the hands, fingers, elbows, feet, or a suitable device. The primary objective of a massage is to relieve body stress or pain. Massages are usually administered by licensed, trained, certified massage therapists.

What Are the Benefits of a Body Massage

Massages have become an integral part of medicine because it helps with managing some medical conditions and improving health. Some benefits of massages include:

  • Reduced stress and increased relaxation
  • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved blood circulation, energy, and alertness
  • Reduced muscle pain, soreness, or tension

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What Are the Types of Massage Available?

The different types of massages available include:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is also called “traditional” because it is the most popular type of massage therapy. It takes place on a massage table, and a typical massage session lasts 35 – 60 minutes. There is a chance that one may have experienced a Swedish massage. If someone has ever had a massage, chances are they’ve had a similar experience.

Traditional massage therapists typically use kneading and stroking to work the muscles and increase blood circulation. Massage oil is used by the therapist to reduce friction and make the hand strokes more comfortable. There is usually a consultation with the therapist before a massage session. This interaction will familiarize the therapist with the client’s health, lifestyle, and particular challenges or areas to avoid.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is intended to relieve severe muscle tension. It is highly recommended for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, postural issues, or chronic muscle pain and tension. Massage therapists frequently dig in with their knuckles, hands, and elbows.

It is, however, advisable to avoid deep tissue massages if one has inflamed joints or a disease like lupus because the vigorous nature of the massage may aggravate a flare-up. These conditions should be disclosed to the therapist before the session commences.

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage from Japan. It involves using a special massage gel called ‘Nuru,’ from the Japanese word for slippery. The client and therapist are covered in Nuru massage gel, and the therapist massages the client with his or her entire body, providing more physical contact than in a typical massage. The Nuru gel is colorless, odorless, and made entirely of Nori Seaweed.


Reflexology is a complementary health practice that involves applying acupressure to the hands and feet. According to the Reflexology Association of America, these techniques stimulate neural pathways and support optimal body functioning. Reflexologists stimulate reflex points on an individual foot with techniques such as thumb and finger walking, which often correspond to a related organ. If someone enjoys foot massages, this massage may be for them.

Sports Massage

Athletes put their bodies through a lot of physical stress, which is why there’s an entire industry devoted to custom-tailored sports massage. A sports massage can be used before, during, or after an athletic event. This aids in the relief of performance-related pains, the promotion of flexibility, and the prevention of potential injuries. Massage therapists frequently combine massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage or acupuncture, to tailor to the specific needs of athletes and sports.

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How Does a Full Body Massage Work?

To provide a full-body massage, the therapist skillfully manipulates and soothes every inch of the client’s body, ensuring complete relaxation. Such massages last for one hour on average, providing enough time for the professional to work on all the major body areas, including the back, legs, feet, shoulders, hands, and neck.

The clients switch to undergarments to expose the major parts for massage and lie face down on a padded table. The therapist will begin with the back and shoulders before moving down the body and then work back up the body, ending with the neck and shoulders.

If any area requires special attention, the client can request that more time be spent on the area, but they may lose time that could be spent on other areas. If there are many troubled areas, it is best that the client requests a longer session, perhaps a home massage.

13 Best Massage Spas & Wellness Centres in Lagos

These are the top massage centers to consider when seeking the best spa in Lagos. If someone is looking for a relaxing break to ease their stress in one of the world’s busiest cities, these companies offer the best massage in Lagos and other treatments.

Pamper and Fun

Pamper and Fun is a mobile massage spa in Lekki. The company is considered one of the best places to relax and relieve work-related stress. It is widely considered the best mobile home service spa in Lagos. Several massage therapists are well-trained in various techniques to meet clients’ needs.

The company offers a variety of massage packages, including sixty minutes of full body massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and couples massage. The company has some of the best equipment to help clients get relief, which can be delivered to the client’s office, home, or hotel.

Pamper and Fun offers corporate massage for businesses looking to increase employee productivity, as well as prenatal or pregnancy massage, sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, and other services.

The company prides itself on a time-conscious ethics that strives to deliver efficient services and professional customer service to create a relaxing environment for clients.

Indigo Luxe Spa

Indigo luxe spa is a medical spa that focuses on skin treatments and medical interventions such as acne treatments, hyperpigmentation, cupping, skin tightening, etc. The spa charges customers between ₦20,000 and ₦30,000 for facials and between ₦5,000 and ₦50,000 for laser services, depending on the surface area.

Massages cost between ₦15,000 and ₦25,000, and waxing services cost between ₦4,000 and ₦35,000. Indigo Luxe Spa can be contacted on social media, so potential clients only need to log in to their Instagram page and send a personal message to book an appointment.

Tirta Ayu Spa

Tirta Ayu Spa is a traditional Javanese and Indonesian spa that provides genuine lavender Javanese treatments with a blend of old therapeutic remedies to clients in Lagos. The company provides men, women, children, and couples with 70 treatments and services.

Some services include facials, massages, scrubs, Hammams, Saunas, Steaming, and Waxing. Clients can send a direct message to the company’s email, official phone number, and Whatsapp number for inquiries, pricing, and bookings. Clients are given gift cards that can be used for any service or treatment at any location.

Oriki Spa & Products

Oriki Group is a multi-channel spa and farm-to-skin retail company that offers products and services to spas, hotels, and airlines. Herbal therapy massages, classic Swedish massage, Oriki blends Balinese, east-west fusion, sea stone therapy, prenatal massage, stress release, sole relief, soul-to-soul (Couples massage), oriental foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, and several body treatments are available at the Oriki spa.

Products like mineralizing marine masks, Oriki body melt, lavender lifts, and other body treatments are available. Skincare and facials are also available for men. Numerous packages are available, and clients can view a comprehensive list of products and services on the website.

Body Temple Spa

Body Temple Spa is a welcoming establishment that offers services, including yoga, spa treatments, fitness, and massages geared toward meeting the needs of its clients. Body Temple Spa offers clients deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, manicures and pedicures, and other relaxing services.

Body Temple Spa, which uses organic products, assists clients in regaining youth and vitality through the effective and professional expertise of the in-house therapists. The spa is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends. Clients can book the service by visiting the company’s Instagram page or calling their official Whatsapp number.

Venivici Health Club and Urban Spa

Venivici is a day Spa that offers preventive health and beauty enhancement in a serene setting. The organization’s mission constantly evolves into a wellness sanctuary for all, with the highest moral ethics of service, quality, and integrity.

Some of the services available include aromatherapy and Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Weight and Stress Therapy, Facial Treatment, Peppermint Sea Twist, Body Polish, Spa Manicure and Pedicure, Waxing, Foot Detox, Spa Gift Vouchers, and Corporate Wellness Coaching.

Venivici is open six days a week from 9 am to 7 pm, and customers can book an appointment via Instagram or Facebook.

Fresh Dew Home Service Massage

Fresh Dew Home service massage is a massage parlor dedicated to relieving muscle problems through massages. The establishment is equipped with the finest and most experienced massage therapists that provide all types of massages.

Some of the services available at Fresh Dew include sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, etc. Clients can book an appointment and get home service by logging on to the website and selecting ‘book an appointment’ or calling the official number provided. Fresh Dew is open daily from 8 am to 11 pm and from 1 pm to 11 pm on Sundays.

Amani Spa Lagos

Amani’s mission is to inspire its guests, clients, partners, and employees and promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It provides exceptional spa and wellness facilities and unparalleled guest experiences by combining innovation, authenticity, and local cultures while immersed in the beauty of sought-after destinations.

Amani Spa offers a variety of spa packages, including deep tissue massage, couples massage, and others. Go to the official website to make a reservation.

Grey and Glow Spa

Grey and Glow Spa is an establishment that offers a wide range of services, from Hammam scrub, Swedish massage, and hot stone massage to skin care treatments. These services have manicures and pedicures to provide the wholesome benefits of relaxation and transformation.

The company has a team of dedicated and professional therapists who ensure a smooth and worthwhile getaway. One can visit the website or their Instagram or Twitter page for more information and bookings.

Sweet Brook Massage Spa

Body massage therapy is at the heart of Sweet Brook Massage Spa, as it facilitates relief from various types of massage. Sweet Brook Massage Spa offers various services, including deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, Thai massage, Shiatsu, and reflexology, administered by a team of skilled massage therapists.

Customers can schedule a home massage, an excellent way to maximize relaxation time. To make an appointment, go to the website or the official Instagram page and send an inquiry.

BMS Spa Ikoyi

The BMS spa is well-known for offering a wide range of beauty treatments and Massage Therapy from around the world to meet the beauty needs of their customers, making them feel and look good. Their services range from pampering, healing, and restoring to nurturing and cleansing.

They consider general beauty needs and the African/Nigerian environment to provide quality service to people of all orientations. BMS is an acronym that stands for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

This is the focus of the beauty therapists on the ground, who will work with clients to ensure that all three are in perfect condition and harmony.
One can make reservations online, book sessions, tour their facilities, and join their reward system to stay up to date on the latest additions to their services and facilities, as they are constantly looking for and bringing new ways to beautify their clients. There is a gym, spa, swimming pool, a collectors’ refined wine bar, and a private member’s lounge.

Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort

Clear Essence California Spa and Wellness Resort is an exclusive hotel and resort spa that caters to each client’s wellness needs. To provide clients with a complete and wholesome experience, the company has accommodation centers that are open for extended periods.

The resort, located in the heart of Ikoyi, provides easy access and a welcoming atmosphere to refresh, renew, and restore oneself. Clear Essence, a cosmetics brand, has expanded its horizons into the hospitality industry, offering an exclusive five-star experience to the African community.

Amenities such as a gym, wine bar, and boutique are available to meet other relaxation needs of clients. To get the full measure of the experience, one can log on to the website and make a reservation.

Oasis Med Spa

Oasis Medspa is a premium corrective skincare and luxury day spa committed to providing quality services to all clients in accordance with current International Standards. As is customary in the industry, Oasis Medspa provides high-quality care, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment options at reasonable prices.

The spa provides mostly medically inclined procedures to help clients’ beauty needs, such as anti-aging, pre-medical facials, and medical spa treatments. To book an appointment, one can send an email or direct message to the official Instagram account and get a full download of the services available.

Spa Massage vs. Home Massage: Which One Is Better for You?

A massage is essential for relaxation; people can get one at their homes or a massage parlor. The debate, however, is over which option is better and more advantageous to the client.

Going to a spa for a massage has advantages because clients can get a complete overview of all the services available at the center and can make resolve to receive more. However, a home massage could directly address a client’s needs. People suffering from arthritis or other chronic health issues can receive specialized care in the comfort of their homes without making the trip to a parlor.

A spa massage may be extensive and provide clients with access to a variety of equipment, but what good is the service if they have to go through a stressful situation, such as trying to drive through traffic on their way home? A home massage eliminates this issue because the therapist comes to the client’s home and performs the service. This helps to lengthen the stress-relieving process and provides longer periods of relaxation.

When massages are performed at home, the oils dissipate into the client’s home, creating a peaceful atmosphere that allows the client to remain relaxed long after the specialist has left. In contrast, a spa massage forces the client to be thrust back into high-stress situations such as traffic.

When the two options are compared, it is clear that home massages are best suited for clients in many ways and help reach the goal of relaxation more effectively.

6 Benefits of Receiving Massage at Home

Clients often wonder if home massages are better than a normal spa massage. Here are some benefits of getting a massage at home:

Prolonged Relaxation

A home massage allows recipients to relax for an extended period. An evening appointment before bed can be more appealing and soothing. After the massage, the client can take a warm bath or fall asleep, which is unlikely at the massage center.

No Stress of Traffic

Going to a massage center can be stressful, and navigating a busy road with traffic after a massage can be stressful. Getting a massage at home keeps clients away from such transit activities, allowing them to fully benefit from their treatment.

Familiar Atmosphere

Massage therapists may visit their clients’ homes with their equipment, which includes essential oils and music, to transform their space into a serene and peaceful haven. The various scents provide aromatherapy, which tends to remain long after the massage session, keeping the environment calm and peaceful.

Addresses Special Needs

In-home massages are an excellent way to meet the special needs of people who cannot travel to massage centers. Various groups can benefit from in-home massages, including the elderly, pregnant or nursing mothers, disabled persons such as arthritis, etc. These individuals require attention and can adequately meet their needs by receiving in-home massages.

No New Stimulus

Some people may want a home massage as it reduces human interaction, hindering relaxation. Being approached with a form to fill out in a room that feels like a doctor’s office isn’t the most relaxing experience. Clients at spas may also be asked to buy products or join a club which can be stressful as well. Other people’s decor, smells, sounds, and energy can stress one’s already overstimulated brain and body.

Full Service

Visiting spas or other massage locations may take 5 to 10 minutes from a person’s hands-on time to allow enough time for their next client. They need to get the client out of there to bring in the next one. At home, all attention is focused on the client and their needs for the entire time they have paid for.

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As an adult who spends considerable time in stressful situations, it is important to find a way to de-stress occasionally. Getting a massage is one of the ways one can reduce stress and achieve a healthy life. According to, many healthcare providers acknowledge the effectiveness of massage therapy and recommend it to patients. Clinical trials have also shown that many injuries and diseases respond to massage therapy.

While massages are important for health reasons and stress relief, in-home massages constitute the best type of massages, help elongate the relaxation process, and are essential for many people living in big busy cities such as Lagos.

For those residing in the busiest parts of Lagos, the best spa in Lagos is Pamper and Fun Spa. The spa is suited to clients who require home service and provides many treatment services in accordance with the client’s needs. People with special needs can order in and extend their relaxation using Pamper and Fun Spa in Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is massage used for?

Massages are used to relieve stress and promote a healthier lifestyle. Massages are more traditional ways of seeking medical help that goes back thousands of years. In the old times, they were seen as a luxury, but modern medicine acknowledges massages as an important form of medication.

  • What are the benefits of a massage?

There are many benefits of a massage, but some of them include stress relief, relaxation, ease of muscle tension, better blood circulation, lowered blood pressure, treatments for some medical conditions, improved immune function, increase energy, injury prevention, promote intimacy between couples and provide constipation relief.

  • What are the seven categories of massage?

The seven massage categories include Swedish, Thai, hot stone, reflexology, Shiatsu, sports, and deep tissue.

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