budget beaches in lagos

Landmark Beach Review: A Beginner’s Guide

Nigeria boasts a diverse array of beaches that stretch along its 853-kilometer (530 miles) coastline. Historical records reveal an impressive assortment of beaches dating back to the early 20th century, ranging from well-known destinations to hidden gems. These beaches featured golden sands, crystal-clear waters, stunning cliffs, and thriving marine ecosystems. Presently, Nigeria is home to …

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Oniru Beach Review: Beginner’s Guide

Beaches, those enchanting landscapes where land and water merge in a breathtaking embrace, hold a timeless allure for humanity. From tranquil retreats to exhilarating playgrounds, they offer the perfect blend of serenity and excitement, beckoning us to unwind and explore. As we embark on this global odyssey, we discover that approximately 372,000 miles (nearly 600,000 …

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